The South Carolina Style Workshop hosted a champagne toast on Thursday at the Imaging Arts Gallery on Lower King Street. When I arrived, I was one of maybe four males in the room. Which was, for lack of a more professional term, awesome.

Or maybe it was awesome because this was my first party with real champagne and those little tiny pastries you see in hotel lobbies. Maybe it was because I was in an art gallery filled with women dressed to the nines — women who are professionals at making others look and feel better. Or maybe it was the free Lindt chocolates. One can never really be sure.

The space was small, which for the crowd of around 25 people felt intimate without being overly crowded. Trying to talk to the event organizers was a bit of a challenge, but I quickly realized that they were there to mingle and not to lecture — they must be saving that for the series’ first style workshop on Jan. 29.

And trust me, mingle is what they did. People were talking about everything from college hoops to what effects your diet has on your skin. No matter what the conversation was, one line heard throughout the night rang clear: “Hold on, I’m going to grab some more champagne.”