There are many things South Carolinians are expected to be ashamed of — slavery, segregation, low SAT scores. These are the least of our state’s embarrassments. Our deepest shame is in being represented by U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Graham is the worst kind of politician — he votes against the interests of his own state on a consistent basis to serve the agendas of political and corporate elites.

It isn’t the least bit strange that the Associated Press has described Graham’s opponent Bob Conley as being to the “far-right” of the senator. In a world where Graham’s style of open-borders multiculturalism, socialism, and utopian radicalism is mistaken as conservatism, it is only natural that when confronted with the real thing, the casual observer might find it somewhat extreme.

Here’s what Democrat Conley is for: low taxes, sound money, protecting American workers, taking care of our soldiers, and strict border enforcement. Conley is against amnesty for illegal aliens, Wall Street bailouts, and our current foreign policy. Conley is the anti-Graham.

Unlike Graham, Conley refuses to carry water for elites in his own party, and in return, the state and national Democratic Party have completely ignored their own candidate. One would be hard-pressed to find a more independent candidate than Conley running for office anywhere this year.

As a civil engineer and commercial pilot, much has been made of the fact that Conley lacks political experience. But the idea of the “citizen statesman,” the private citizen who enters into public service not for profit, but as a patriot, is exactly the kind of leader the Founding Fathers envisioned. What the Founders feared most were men like Graham, an entrenched elitist who regularly sells out his own people for personal gain.

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