If President Barack Obama and the Democrats are to be believed, the age-old economic lesson my parents tried to instill in me has been utterly rebuked. Money not only grows on trees, but the trees are blooming. How else can you explain Washington’s decision to print more money to solve America’s current lack-of-money woes?

Conservatives are in a tough spot right now, precisely because in these tough economic times, few people want to hear that “money doesn’t grow on trees.” South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, market observer Peter Schiff, and others predicted the current calamity, but they were ignored then and they are being ignored now, in favor of “experts” who never saw the crisis coming and now seek to solve it with more of the same.

Any reasonable adult knows that money does not grow on trees. Sanford, Paul, Schiff, and company are looking to cut the branches while Obama and his friends want to water the roots and further drown the dollar.

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