By all appearances, Lindsey Graham’s Democratic challenger Bob Conley is a godsend for real conservatives. I’ve been doing some research on Conley this afternoon, and even came across The State’s Brad Warthen’s blog, in which he warned that Conley was even more of a “nativist” than Buddy Witherspoon (my only problem with Witherspoon was his neoconnish “I won’t cut and run” language. Conley is antiwar.) Of course, this accusation puts Conley in good company, with the likes of Pat Buchanan, Lou Dobbs, etc. “Nativism,” like “isolationism,” “xenophobia” and sometimes “racism” are tactical buzzwords designed to put a negative spin on perfectly normal, patriotic, conservative positions.

If Conley is the man I think he is – he will hopefully be accused of all of these “isms” and then some before November.

WTMA commentary broadcast 6/13/08: