WTMA commentary broadcast 6/6/08:

Whereas national Republican leaders like George W. Bush, John McCain and Lindsey Graham have sought to reward and encourage illegal aliens with amnesty, this week, South Carolina Republicans actually did what statesman are supposed to do – protect the people and punish lawbreakers. On Wednesday, Governor Mark Sanford signed into law what some are calling the toughest anti-illegal immigration legislation in the nation. Said Sanford “This puts South Carolina in the forefront of where all states are on immigration reform.”

Since this president and Congress have completely betrayed the American people and neglected their Constitutional duty to protect our borders, it was only a matter of time before states were forced to pick up the slack and it’s good to know SC may be leading the charge. In going after employers, SC leaders are cutting to the root of the problem – businesses who knowingly hire illegal aliens. It’s supply and demand – there won’t be as high a supply of illegal aliens in SC so long as we demand employers don’t hire them.

But Diana Salazar, president of the Latino Association of Charleston, doesn’t see it that way, or as she told the Post & Courier “I think they have not considered the impact to the economy.” “It should be a federal issue,” Salazar added.

Salazar is right – illegal immigration should be a federal issue, but they have proven themselves to be grossly incompetent. Now it’s a state issue. The raising of children should be an issue for parents, but that has never stopped other family members from stepping in to get the job done when there is no mother or father. They wouldn’t be good aunts, uncles or grandparents if they didn’t see fit to take care of their own. And we wouldn’t be good South Carolinians if we didn’t see fit to take care of our own.

Which leads me to wonder where Ms. Salazar’s loyalties truly lie? As Lindsey Graham reminded South Carolinians when he called them “bigots” during last year’s amnesty battle, accusations of racism are common against illegal immigration opponents. But it seems that as head of the Latino Association of Charleston, Salazar’s opinions are intertwined with race, and possibly even entirely dictated by it.

As a Latino, that Salazar might do what’s best for her family and friends is not only normal, but admirable. But the notion that the overall health of her city, state or country should take a backseat to the advancement of her own race raises two serious issues. First, if race is to be placed above nation, what does that say about the prospects for a more multicultural America, as promised and promoted so often by illegal alien advocates? There’s a world of difference between assimilation and domination, and leaders like Salazar routinely resist the former and advance the latter. And as for the second issue, if Salazar is justified in advocating solely for her own “la raza,” should not white and black Americans be afforded the same courtesy? In fact, many black Americans have long been organized, and given the increasing power of minority advocate groups, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a white counterpart in the near future. After all, white Americans should have the same right to the same racial, self interest that motivates Salazar, right?

I’m quite sure Salazar wouldn’t see it this way, but illegal immigration continues to be one of the major reasons the United States is becoming more disunited than ever. The ongoing illegal immigration tragedy is not simply a harmless, storybook Ellis Island redo, but more like Fantasy Island, where we are supposed to believe that the U.S. can and should accommodate the largest mass migration in history, and that there will be little to no economic, political and cultural ramifications. As Salazar once admitted to me during an interview on the Rocky D show, Mexico would never put up with such an invasion. Well, neither should the United States.

And neither should SC. For all the complaining we do on talk radio about the inefficiency of government, it’s worth praising our leaders when they do something right and this week South Carolinians had good reason to be proud. Said Glenn McConnell of the new legislation, “We will not stand idly by with this silent invasion… I think this bill will have a chilling effect like an Arctic breeze.”

Amen, McConnell. Let the blizzard begin.