Provided by Samantha Gaton

Local singer-songwriter Samantha Gaton has loved music since she was a small child. “My mom would tell you that when I was a baby she used to sing me to sleep. According to her story, if she missed a word or a note, I would start crying. So I think music has always been a part of me,” she said. Gaton was in and out of music lessons from the time she was 4, and she wrote her first full-length song at 12 years old.

Gaton’s songwriting process usually begins with a chord progression that strikes her as intriguing, or with a verse coming to her seemingly out of nowhere. “I’ll be driving or in class or doing something completely random and a verse or a chorus will pop in my head,” she said.

The singer, who describes her sound as a playful melange of pop and alternative with a touch of country twang, composed “Underwater” when she was 18. She recently submitted it for release through producer Stuart Epps — who has worked with greats such as Elton John and Queen — resulting in a more polished sound.  

“Underwater” was written when Gaton was undergoing a tough personal experience and the sentiment of the song aims to capture the universal sensation of fighting to get through a difficult time: “Feeling like you’re underwater and then washing up on the shore … celebrating that moment when you find yourself again.”

On the heels of her June 13 release party at Red’s Ice House, Gaton will perform at Rusty Bull on June 25 at 7 p.m. 

She plans to continue to write and perform songs, hoping to release a full-length album later this year. She is also in the process of recording demo songs with British songwriter and record producer Adrian Zagoritis for a musical set to hit the stage in the United Kingdom.