[image-1]This list of candidates has been looming over our desks for weeks now, and we’re just getting into the thick of it as we prepare for this year’s election coverage.

Imagine our surprise when we found that Sandi Engelman is one of five candidates running for three seats on the James Island Public Service District.

Engelman was voted out of her spot on the Charleston County School Board after she said that the district’s then-superintendent was running on CPT. Engelman argued that it did not mean “colored people’s time,” as it’s commonly known. Instead she said that it meant “certain people’s time.” Ruth Jordan, the black woman who replaced Engelman on the board, noted in the runup to the election that “we’ll be on time on election day.”

Her husband, David Engelman, is running for reelection to the school board in a four-way race for two seats representing West Ashley.