Sandwich King

Ted’s Butcherblock seems to always have a reason to be mentioned in this section of the paper. But we’re not the only ones who recognize the deli/gourmet grocery’s awesomeness. Bon Apetit magazine has listed Ted’s as one of the top 10 sandwich shops in the country. They may have a small, select menu, but specialties like roast beef made in-house and artisanal cheeses set Ted’s apart from other sandwich shops. Owner Ted Dombrowski says that the feature in Bon Apetit has helped bring in more clientele, but that the recognition makes him a “target.” He’s only going to keep getting better to stay on top. —Alison Sher

Jim n’ Nicks
Take Tanger

Jim N’ Nicks has been talking forever about putting a restaurant in North Charleston. We drove by the Tanger Outlets this week and saw that they finally started laying the foundation. It’s going to be quite a while before the restaurant is completed, but eating pulled pork butt, brisket, and cheesy biscuits after a discount shopping spree is no longer just a distant dream. —Alison Sher

Insider Trading

You know the darlings of the local slow food movement, Celeste and George Albers of Green Grocer out on Wadmalaw? Well they are getting knee deep in the beef business. The Albers are now selling “shares” of dry-aged beef made from cows raised on their farm. Each weighs 65 lbs. (about one-sixth of a steer) and includes cuts of steak, roasts, stew beef, and burgers. They are selling for $450 (which really isn’t that expensive when you do the math) on a first-come first-serve basis. Call Celeste at (843) 559-5095 to reserve a share. —Alison Sher

Deals Steals the Show

Chef Aaron Deal from Tristan took it home this week at the Food and Wine Celebration in Huron, Ohio. Deal was joined at the celebration by 40 of the nation’s top chefs, including Craig Deihl from Cypress and Kevin Ives from the Ocean Room at The Sanctuary, but it was his Manchester Farms quail breast over carrot puree, poached baby carrot, and Benton’s bacon that won the prize for best dish. What’s his prize? Deal now gets to go to Spain and pick the brains of the chefs at El Bulli, named the world’s best restaurant four times. Deal says chef Ferran Adriá served last year’s winner 35 courses. —Alison Sher