South Carolina residents will be standing together on area beaches on Saturday, hand-in-hand in opposition to offshore oil exploration.

Earlier this year, the federal government agreed to open up large swaths of once-protected waters to potential oil and gas exploration. With the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, environmentalists are more resolute than ever to challenge dangerous exploration.

How do you stand up against some of the most powerful corporations and make a difference? Join Hands.

Hands Across The Sand is a movement to stop off shore drilling and save coastal fishing industries and marine life. Along the South Carolina coast, thousands of people will meet on the beach Sat. June 26 at 11 a.m. for a peaceful gathering with a strong message. At noon, everyone involved will join hands for 15 minutes forming lines in the sand against oil drilling off our shores.

The mission is to convince elected officials that off shore drilling is a huge risk that could lead to uncontrollable disasters resulting in the loss of many American jobs, lifestyles, and sea life.

If you can’t join hands on the beach this Saturday, there is an opportunity to voice your opinion and sign a petition. Comments need to be posted by June 30 at The petition goal is to obtain 5,000 names. Right now, it stands at 315 names. Help reach the goal at Learn more about Hands Across The Sands at