It was bound to happen at some point. Some douchebag has released a Sandy Hook video game. And truth be told, I’m surprised we let these sorts of things bother us.

There are few tragedies in American history that haven’t been commodified — from the 9/11 attacks to Pearl Harbor. They’ve given birth to movies, talk show conspiracy books, and commemorative coins from the Franklin Fucking Mint.

Surely there is a special place in American hell for the soulless capitalist who makes a quick buck off of another’s suffering and the misguided uber-patriots who enable them, a place where fire-breathing bald eagles claw out their eyes and rip the innards out of their bodies and devil drones drop targeted strikes on their bare asses. 

However, as vile as the creator of The Slaying of Sandy Hook video game is, he’s nowhere near as sick and twisted and deserving of our contempt as the members of Congress, who failed to pass meaningful gun control after the Newtown, Conn. shooting.

And he’s nowhere near as foul-hearted as the leaders of the NRA, who continue to feed their members apocalyptic anti-government conspiracy porn fantasies in order to boost gun sales.

And nor is he as sick and twisted as the armchair cops like Ted Nugent, who want to turn our country into a conceal-and-carry Wild West shoot out, and tin-foilers like Alex Jones, who believe the U.S. government staged the entire shooting as a precursor to a war against gun owners that will only end when Uncle Sam has sent them all to FEMA death camps.

Compared to assholes like these, the guy behind the Sandy Hook game is a model fucking citizen.