What is it? A collection of works from a renowned architectural photographer with a keen eye for detail.

Why see it? Logan finds beauty in a pile of rusted paint cans, in the faded paint of an old jalopy, and in the way light hits the right angles of an ordinary staircase late in the day. He manages to find the ornate and distinct specifics that the builders of yesteryear put into the framing of a window or the eaves of a house. Then he zooms in on it and captures it without flaw, leaving the viewer to wonder just how he got in the right place to capture an image well above ground level.

Who should go? Even those with a casual interest in photography will be fascinated by Logan’s perspective, but kids will be bored stiff.

PICCOLO SPOLETO • Free • On view through June 6, Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. •New Perspectives Gallery •
(888) 374-2656