While Sanford may not be tired of politics, today’s State story makes it clear that he’s tired of being a politician.

Sanford indicated he looked forward to continue fighting for the same issues he has pursued as governor: land conservation, lower taxes and limiting government spending.

In some ways, he said, he might be more effective as a private citizen than as a governor who has to deal with every issue that crosses his desk.

“In the private sector you can pick just one thing,” he said. “Singleness of focus really matters.”

Looking back on an interview I had with Gov. Mark Sanford years ago as he was running among a pack of GOP hopefuls for the role, I don’t think he realized what little power he held. If he did, he must have had an unrealistic expectation of how easy it might be to wrestle that power from the legislature.

Others have obviously learned from his example. Why do you think Bobby Harrell isn’t interested in the job? He knows better.