The Associated Press put no fewer than 11 fact checkers to work on Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue. I have not heard what they found in their literary inquiry, but Rob Boston of Talk to Action takes Ms. Palin to task, suggesting that she misrepresented the facts in an early vetting by John McCain’s staff before she was named to be his running mate. At issue is when she became a creationist. She seems to be one now that she has a huge and crazy right wing constituency that would not accept a secular or rational leader, but Boston says that McCain would not have had her on the ticket if she had claimed to be a creationist in the summer of 2008. Read his take on Sarah’s new book at

What does Palin really believe about evolution? Who knows? Perhaps she’s not even sure. But it does look like we’ll have more opportunities to find out since Palin seems determined to do all she can to keep herself on the national stage. The question is bound to resurface.

So I look forward over the next few years to getting some answers to burning questions: Does Palin believe Satan created the fossil record just to fool us? Were there dinosaurs on Noah’s ark? Just how old is the Earth, anyway?

If we have to continue to put up with this woman – and it looks like we do – we might as well try to enjoy ourselves.