Sarah Williams-Scalise and her husband Nathan started Sarah’s Dumps in October 2019, popping up at local breweries with handmade Korean dumplings. With less pop-ups on the docket due to the coronavirus pandemic, Williams-Scalise ramped up production of the freezer-ready version of her traditional dumplings that she’s delivering to fanatics all over the Lowcountry.
[content-2]Since then, Williams-Scalise said they have delivered close to 1,800 dumplings a week, but they’ve found it more manageable to do around 1,100 — they are delivering them for free all by themselves after all.

“Part of what we enjoy about delivering is that we’re basically taking driving tours of the tri-county area together, stoop dropping these dumps to first-time dumpers or repeat dumpers (both our favorites), and often times finding a new, local takeout joint for dinner or heading home to plan the next day’s schedule,” she said.

You don’t even have to thaw these babies before cooking them, and Williams-Scalise shares cooking instructions and a recipe for a dipping sauce with each 30-pack of dumps for $30 each.

In July, dumpers will be entered into a raffle to win one of three $50 gift cards to Blue Bicycle Books. Williams-Scalise said they plan to use the brand as a platform to give back to local nonprofits and initiatives they believe in moving forward.

“It feels good to offer a food that many haven’t had before or haven’t been satisfied with other options in a frozen aisle at the store,” she said. “We’re delivering to areas that we haven’t popped up near before so this is giving folks an opportunity to access our product easily and affordably.”

To order Sarah’s Dumps, email or text (843) 900-4396.