[image-1]From head banging to mosh pits and hard riffs, there’s not much we don’t like about metal. And seeing as we’re shredding for this year’s Best of Charleston, we found some kick-ass recipes to feed your inner metalhead. Just be sure to pre-heat your oven to 666°.

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start off with some fruit bat soup in honor of the prince of darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. Justapinch.com‘s recipe claims that fruit bats make for some of the best mammalian eats thanks to their cleanliness. Just be sure to boil the bats for an hour to allow for easy skin removal. 

Feast on some Slayer pizza, cut in the shape of a pentagram of course. This meal (eat it while playing “Reign of Blood”) is dubbed a “a vast sadistic feast” and features “meat and cheese, exposing the unholy red sauce underneath.” Righteous. 

Or, how about some McDonalds burgers if only as a tribute to the Mickey D-themed Black Sabbath cover band, Mac Sabbath?

Rock out with some mummified jalapeño bacon bombs courtesy of AUTOPSY’s Chris Reifert. This recipe comes straight out of Annick “The Morbid Chef” Giroux’s amazing cookbook, Hellbent for Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook. Wrap some sliced jalapeños in Monterey Jack cheese and bacon, cook for 15 minutes, and bam — a death metal-worthy hors-d’oeuvre.

Also from Hellbent, for an amped up aphrodisiac, Balsac the Jaws of Death from GWAR recommends his candied sweetbreads on a bed of seared heart. “If this dish doesn’t get you laid,” Balsac says, “your girlfriend or boyfriend is either a prude or a vegan!” Oh yeah, and make sure to cop some Gwar B Q sauce for all your saucy needs.

Continue jamming with some morbid mince pies (a.k.a. pastries of death) or some chicken dismemberment courtesy of HeavyMetalCooking.blogspot.com

And finally, are you member of the metal’s vegan community? No worries. Gorge on some tofurkey Holiday Hell Roast from the Vegan Black Metal Chef himself, Tim Hogarth. See below:

Wash it all down with Iron Maiden Trooper beer or some Motorhead rosé.