So let’s see, where was I when last I was bloviating in this space? Ah yes, extolling the virtues of bullet points. It’s been a busy weekend. And we’re not even halfway through Saturday yet — at least, not mine. The evening’s agenda is — to borrow a turn from CP editor Stephanie Barna — as chock full of culture as a petri dish in a high school bathroom. Assuming I can get things here wrapped up in time, 3:30 pm will see me at Millennium Music downtown for some starstruck mooning over the Lovell Sisters. Yes, I’m aware that they’re all minors. But I may bring a pair of panties to throw on stage anyway.

[image-1]It’s probably blind optimisim to think that I can duck in and out of the Southern Literary Festival’s finale/soiree at 4:30 on Cumberland St. quickly enough to be in a seat at Recital Hall for Program II of John Kennedy’s Music in Time series at 5 pm, but that’s the goal. Shake a few hands, scarf a few canapes, swill some champagne, and mutter something pithy about the renaissance of the literary salon, and I’m outta there — though it would be nice to have a moment to chat with poet/songwriter Paul Allen or local novelist and satirist Charlie Geer. Maybe between the baked brie and bruschetta.

[image-2]Following Music in Time, and the premiere there of Kennedy’s new Spoletude, I’ll test local law enforcement density along Maybank Hwy. with a race to Angel Oak on John’s Island, where I’ll hopefully catch the last part of the 6 pm Rite of Spring with Charleston Ballet Theatre and the Charleston Symphony, or the first part of the 7:30 show. Either way, I’m due back downtown (better pack the radar detector) at 8 pm for Jeff Daniels’ singing/songwriting gig at Charleston Music Hall, then at 9 pm at Mike Daisey’s Monopoly! And Sergio Santos’ jazz performance in the Cistern — concurrently. I’ve heard Daisey’s show is every bit of 100 minutes, so Sergio may just have to wait for me. Following it all, there’s a shindig for Mr. Daisey after the performance, where I plan to decompress with the catering staff and as many Whipp-its as they can slip me.