Savage souls debuted their savage saturday project in 2013 at the now-defunct oasis on james island

In 2013, rap trio Savage Souls were facing a common problem in the hip-hop scene. A lack of venues that supported hip-hop acts provided few chances to perform, and by extension, prove a demand for rap shows. “At that time, four years ago, there wasn’t really a whole lot going on,” says rapper Kae G The Original Seed. So, what’s a hip-hop group to do when presented with a vicious circle like that? Savage Souls responded with the creation of their fondly remembered Savage Saturday series, where they would host a rap show at the now-defunct Oasis. “It was a great opportunity to showcase local hip-hop that otherwise wouldn’t have been booked in the area,” says Kae G. It’s been three years since the last Savage Saturday show, but the group isn’t done with their much hyped showcase, because Savage Saturday is rising from the dead for (at least) one night.

In its original run, Savage Souls accomplished a lot under the Savage Saturday flag, and much of the success behind the showcase was linked to events around it. The band is hoping to recapture lightning in a bottle by recording a sequel to their ambitious Savage Saturday: The Mixtape. In fact, the new mixtape was one of the primary reasons for Savage Saturday’s return. “We’ve had some stuff that we’ve been planning for a while, so it was like, ‘All right, let’s bring it back for at least one night,” says Kae G.

The initial goal for the mixtape was to write, record, and release a song every week for 15 weeks, and since they began recording around the same time as the Savage Saturday showcase, it was only natural to package them together. “For us, that was the most fun project,” Kae G says. “The EPs are great, too, but there’s a freedom to mixtapes.”

Savage Saturday: the Mixtape was a head-nodder, for sure. The production was East Coast-leaning and sample-heavy, sticking with the old-school boom-clap style, and the rhymes were fun battle rap braggadocio. “All the beats are the stuff we dug growing up,” says Kae G.

“It’s just more free flowing,” adds Fortune the Iron Mike Mangler. “It’s less concerned about constructing a real song. It’s like the best verses we can write and put out.” But, that’s not to discredit the original mixtape. Savage Saturday: The Mixtape is a testament to how efficient musicians can be. When describing the process of accomplishing this undertaking, Kae G says, “You plan a lot, and then you fail, and then you improvise.”

Kae G, Fortune, and DJ Icirus clearly have a grasp on their craft and it only increases the excitement for the sequel. The second Savage Saturday Mixtape will follow the same song-a-week pattern. “The only difference is this time around, we’re going to try to get features on it,” says Kae G. While the first mixtape did feature a guest verse from Damn Skippy on “Savage Doctrine,” the guys are aiming for more featured artists more frequently.

The event on the fourteenth will take the original’s lead, showcasing Savage Saturday regulars Sheed Staggs, Apollo Valdez, Damn Skippy, DJ Flip, and, of course, Savage Souls. “With this go around, since it might be a one night thing, we brought back the usual characters,” says Kae G. The performers of the night are all members of the Holy City Hip-Hop Committee, a group that Savage Souls founded in the midst of Savage Saturday’s takeoff. “It’s been a while, so we want to make this a big one,” says Kae G.

In addition to the showcase and mixtape, Savage Souls created an internet radio show named Savage Saturday, which featured the guys in the group playing music and just hanging out. The show ran during the time of the showcase. Currently, it’s on hiatus, but Fortune notes that they have talked about bringing it back, too.

While the guys have fun with the showcase, Kae G and Fortune are still adamant that this is not the return of the monthly format for Savage Saturday, for the same reason the series ended in 2014. “It’s a lot of work to put that together once a month,” says Kae G. “And when we bowed out of it that last time a couple years ago, it was mainly to be able to have time to get back in the studio and make some new music.” No date has been confirmed for when the 15 weeks for the second mixtape will begin, but the group, just like fans of the original Savage Saturday, are excited to move forward.