As much as I try to be a responsible, earth-loving person, I know I am not perfect – such as when I use “disposable” plasticware due to the convenience. However, I try to make this a rare ocassion because plastic is not really disposable at all and it takes hundreds of years to break apart (and only into smaller and smaller pieces). With that fact in mind, I hate that so many bars (dare I say all of them) use a variety of plastic cups as if there were no environmental harm. Not only are the cups being used for beers, mixed drinks and shots, they are used for purely wasteful reasons (like helping shake a drink for 3 seconds or covering a drink at the bar while someone runs to the bathroom) and then the plastic cups get tossed in the trash. The 2 seconds it took for the bartender to decide to use a plastic cup has now resulted in hundreds of years of waste in the local landfill. This practice needs to stop now. If the city won’t mandate the use of reusable dishware, then bars/restaurants must make the choice themselves. At the very least, if you are a bartender, think twice (no, thrice) before reaching for that plastic cup. Reducing the use of plastic across the board is a great thing to do, but starting with cups seems like a simple place to start. While using a plastic cup may seem like a quick, easy thing to do now, it has a lot of long-term negative impacts, so please be a little more selfless and do your part to save the planet.