USAToday has a piece on parents using Facebook to weed out roommates for their college kids:

“Housing officials say parents who cite Facebook most frequently mention party-related content and photos as their primary concerns. Parents sometimes see cups in photos and make the leap to alcohol and drugs, Manetas says. But Robin Berkowitz-Smith of Syracuse University says race, religion and sexual orientation are the top three concerns from parents contacting officials there. Maureen Wark of Suffolk University in Boston also ranked sexual orientation as a top concern of parents. Wark recalls getting a call from a parent who had ‘psychological and sanitary concerns’ about a student’s new roommates, both of whom were gay men. ‘People don’t give other people a chance,’ she says.”

If only there was some time-honored tradition that enabled kids to broaden their horizons and meet new and interesting people. Wait. That’s what college was supposed to be.