I’m going to post on the ridiculousness of presidential polling a little later. But first, a look at a new poll. Take the information for what it says (if you dare) or take it for the perception of what it says.

The Associated Press has a new poll out of looking at Democratic voters in the early primary states (Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina). The findings on social issues (gay marriage, abortion, and immigration) fall under the headline “South Carolina Democrats More Socially Conservative.” I’m not terribly sure that’s news, but I thought I’d post the findings here, anyway.

On gay marriage, the poll found 55 percent supported it in Iowa and 68 percent in New Hampshire, while only 34 percent supported it in South Carolina.

On abortion, 68 percent of Iowans and 81 percent of New Hampshire Dems said abortion should be either mostly legal or always legal. In South Carolina, that number fell to 52 percent.

On immigrants, 51 percent of Dems said the growing number of immigrants to the U.S. threaten traditional American customs.  Compared with 33 percent and 34 percent in the other two states.