I’ve been a harsh critic of the state’s Democratic Party for awhile. Heck, following the whole Alvin Greene-Vic Rawl fustercluck, I actually said that the entire SC Democratic Party was simply the more reactionary wing of the Republican Party.

But now, the SC Dems are actually showing some chutzpah.

Now mind you, I’m not talking about Godzilla-level brassies here. I’m talking about balls on par with, oh let’s say, Godzuki-sized berries.

First, SC Dem chair Carol Fowler calls for a SLED investigation into who filled out Gov. Nikki Haley’s job application with the Lexington Medical Center since, you know, the good governor said she didn’t do it.

Then someone on the Left Hand Side, posted a pretty funny video mocking Ken Ard‘s proclivity for spending campaign cash on himself.

Now, the progressive forces are attacking the SCGOP’s long-term love affair with scandal-prone officials.

You can watch it below. Enjoy.