The S.C. Democratic Party held a press conference yesterday to accuse state GOP leaders of hiring their campaign supporters at high salaries with little scrutiny. Their conclusion? It’s good to be a Republican in South Carolina.

According to documents revealed by the SCDP, several high-ranking appointees in Columbia — including Tim Pearson, Gov. Nikki Haley’s chief of staff — had weak resumés or declined to fill in certain segments of their job applications. Rebecca Schimsa, Pearson’s assistant, has a sparse work history that includes a sales job at the Banana Republic in Mt. Pleasant.

The final slide of a PowerPoint presentation on their findings notes that, among the so-called “Republican cronies” featured in the report, the average age is 27.5 and the average income is $77,250. Class warfare much?

Draw your own conclusions by checking out the slideshow.

In other dirt-digging news, Dick Harpootlian and the Democrats still have “a couple of 20-year-old kids” combing through Lt. Gov. Ken Ard’s campaign finance records for discrepancies. Spokesperson Amanda Loveday says we can expect more findings around Sept. 2.