The majority of South Carolinians love Jim DeMint.

Even though he’s homophobic.

Even though he dreams of an American theocracy.

Even though he has made more campaign appearances out of state, for candidates across the country, than he does in S.C.

Even though his view of American history is one where freedom was granted to all Americans at the start and has slowly been taken away from the populace ever since. (Quick history lesson: Voting was limited to only white, male landowners in most states — including some of the ultra-lefty Northeastern ones — well into the 1800s. Please don’t get me started on the current citizen-politician meme infecting the right-wingers.)

Even though he claims that he will term limit himself, but only if all of his fellow Capitol Hillers do the same, showing everyone that the best way to stand by your principles is to do it half-heartedly.

And even though DeMint is a national media darling, appearing frequently on Fox, Meet the Press, This Week, etc., etc.

Which is why the S.C. Democratic Party’s attack ad against Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley, highlighting the fact that she has become something of a national darling, is a dung-filled dunce-cap of dunderheaded dimwittery.

Here’s the thing, Dems: If South Carolinians are perfectly fine with DeMint’s status as a national darling, why in the hell would they be upset that Haley has become the same thing?

Watch the ad and decided for yourself.

Oh. And by the way, the ad does look really nice. Good job on wasting a lot of money.

Nikki Goes National from NikkiGoesNational on Vimeo.