North Charleston recently received $1,514,113 toward the construction of 8 affordable housing units for families through The South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority (SC Housing).

According to a press release, this was part of the approval of nearly $7.3 million in grants and loans for the construction of 40 new units of affordable housing in York, Greenville, and Charleston counties.

The funding came from multiple sources, including HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), which provided $750,000 for North Charleston; the SC Housing Trust Fund, which provided $394,113; and the National Housing Trust Fund, which provided $370,000.

This project was part of SC Housing’s new Small Rental Development Program (SRDP), which offers state and federal funding for new construction projects as long as they contain between eight and 32 housing units.

These programs work through networks of sponsors, non-profit organizations, and government entities that all come together to fund projects like these. Many of which are dedicated to those of low-moderate income that may be struggling financially when it comes to housing.

SC Housing recently published a study that took a closer look at housing problems throughout the state, such as shelter poverty and the eviction crisis. This study placed Charleston at the heart of many of these issues.

Charleston County is also launching a Housing Court to specifically deal with legal issues regarding housing in the area, especially eviction.