Sean Rayford file photo

The South Caroline Senate passed H. 3770, which would allocate $271,774,744.30 for rental assistance, at the beginning of Thursday’s proceedings on the Senate floor, but a short time later, members voted to reconsider the bill next week.

Senators are looking for more information on a bill that would aid the state’s renters, and say the delay won’t impact the ultimate passage of the bill. The S.C. House, whose members won’t return to Columbia until April 6, will also need to approve the bill.

Sen. Gerald Malloy, D-Darlington, said he supported the passage of the bill, according to WIS-TV, but motioned for the reconsideration in order to get clarification for how funds would be used by universities and colleges, mentioned in part of the bill.

According to bill sponsors, the clause allows colleges and universities that remained open during the pandemic to track information of outside hires to fill applications for tax credit that would go directly to employees of the university. The remainder of the bill details how rental assistance would be distirbuted.

The bill follows SC Housing’s similar, $25 million rental assistance program that closed in six days due to high demand.