Not a bad showing as a protest vote by Buddy Witherspoon. Due mostly to his aggressive support for amnesty for illegal aliens in 2007, Graham unquestionably remains unpopular among South Carolina conservatives, and Witherspoon’s showing tonight is telling.

It might be worth remembering that during the 1992 Republican presidential primary, incumbent President George H. W. Bush recieved 53% to challenger Pat Buchanan’s 37% in the New Hampshire Primary. Like Witherspoon in his battle with Graham, Buchanan served as a protest vote for conservatives who were dissatisfied with Bush.

Of course, Bush lost the general election to Bill Clinton.

I can tell you right now – I will support Graham’s Democratic opponent (looks like it will be Bob Conley as of this writing) as a protest vote in the general election come November. If Barack Obama is looking good in the fall – who knows – the Democrat may have a good chance of winning, if his Party’s presidential nominee continues to gain momentum.

It’s not that I want a Democrat to win (although I can’t see any drastic difference in the damage that might be done, compared to the Republicans), but that I desperately want Lindsey Graham to lose. He simply doesn’t deserve to be a U.S. Senator, and sure as hell doesn’t deserve to represent my state.