Basket Case

Co. Co. throws a picnic

The theatrical group Company Company hosted a benefit, Picnic Picnic, on Sunday at the Tin Roof, and what a picnic it was. With hand-rolled sushi, a raffle, hand-crafted bloody Marys, tunes, stand-up comedy from David Lee Nelson, and spoken word courtesy of Marcus Amaker and Max Berger, the only thing missing was a hungry Yogi Bear trying to steal some grub. For five bucks you couldn’t beat the lineup — Leah Suarez, Lindsey Holler, and Mr. Jenkins. As the Garage Cuban Band got their beat going, I couldn’t help but feel like I was caught in Cheech and Chong’s van. With the music, black lights, freaky tree paintings on the wall, and tassels dangling above the bar, I just giggled. —Svetlana Minx

Bag Ladies

Purse auction makes a statement


On Thursday, the Center for Women hosted the Seventh Annual “It’s in the Bag” Silent Purse Auction at the City Gallery. Designed by some of Charleston’s finest ladies and their male counterparts, many of the purses were, yes, creative, but not particularly inspiring. Hung on the wall like works of art, some looked to be more like last season’s bag-of-the-moment bedazzled. What did get attention, besides the wine and sushi, was a suitcase fashioned in the colors of the American flag, using itty bitty pictures of soldiers who have died in the war in Iraq. Titled “The War as We Saw It,” Karen and Bob Siegel’s creation had Southern belles stopping absolutely dead in their tracks and gasping. —Svetlana Minx