Patio Palooza was as sneaky as a ninja

The lack of downtown music venues gotcha down this summer? Then keep your ears peeled for music on the run. It’s like pirate radio, and it can stand the heat. Tom Duke, general manager of the Starbucks on East Bay, broke all the corporate rules on Friday and whipped out something as cool as their iced venti quintuple-shot skinny, hold-the-foam latte (OMG!!!) — Patio Palooza. The green umbrellas and tables were placed in the oversized parking lot for an impromptu jingle jangle of sounds from local acts. And it was for a good cause — canned goods were collected for a Crisis Ministry food drive. From 5:30 until 9 p.m., pleased patrons slurped iced Joes and enjoyed the great sound bouncing off the brick walls. The surprise festival’s line-up included Reba Parker, Kentucky Shoes, Delia Chariker, Laura Vince, The Cart Wheels, and The Holy Trinity Family Band, who celebrated the end of their set — and the stealth show — with bottles of Cheerwine. OK. It wasn’t the same as cracking open bottles of whiskey, which is a good thing. That would have had the corporate helicopters hovering overhead with megaphones and a caffeinated SWAT team ready to descend.