[image-1]With five fully staffed open bars, 15 feet of delicious buffet tables, and over three hours of live music performed by local favorite, the East Coast Party Band, Cabooty’s 19th Annual Holiday Party has come a long way from its humble origins in Allan Cabading’s downtown apartment. The Citadel’s Alumni Hall served as a perfect new location, large enough to house a spacious dance floor and a significant crowd of revelers. Over the evening hours, guests evolved from somewhat reserved wallflowers to unabashed party animals, taking full advantage of the Kickin’ Chicken employees who served more than a few powerful cocktails. Relaxed shagging evolved into ornament fights, dance-offs, and a very impressive push-up contest. One beautiful blonde dropped to the floor, still sporting her black cocktail dress and high heels, to defend the athletic ability of the female gender after being challenged to a push-up contest by a particularly cocky cadet. She held her own until the contest escalated to a one-handed variety; yet, she was greeted with cheers from fans after she got up, hair and dress still perfect. —Cara Kelly