The 2009 Carolina Cup was a sloppy affair Saturday, in many more ways than one. From the rows of drunken college students to virtual mud pits created by monsoon-like downpours, the annual steeple chase held in Camden, S.C., has definitely seen better years. A smaller-than-average turnout indicated that many intelligent ticket holders chalked the $25 tickets up to a loss after watching The Weather Channel, yet those who attended simply donned a liquor coat and went about their day of celebrating. The savvy-chic dress for females was a dark colored sundress (so as not to turn see-through and create an unnecessary wet T-shirt contest) paired with wellies, a wide-brimmed hat and Vera Bradley umbrella. Nevertheless, large, unflattering rain jackets and frizzy hair were unavoidable. By the end of the day, it wasn’t just the college students who decided mud-wrestling was a good idea that wound up wet, drunk, and mud covered. Firm followers will simply be hoping for better weather next year. —Cara Kelly