[image-1]After checking out the new Mellow Mushroom in Mt. Pleasant Saturday afternoon (loved it — see review at cuisine.ccpblogs.com), we decided to mellow out a little more and headed to the downtown location later that night. Local underground artists Sht! and Badjon were hosting an art party to raise money to buy toys for kids in need this Christmas. Lately, lots of art sales have been touting cheap art, but for the record, $150 isn’t affordable for your average broke-ass Jane. Refreshingly, Presents From Punks kept the art under $50 — now that’s affordable. We’re talking works from Wolfkid, Julio Cotto, John Pundt, jimihatt, and of course the hosts, averaging around 20 bucks. When I arrived about two hours after the event had started, nearly half of the art was sold, including lots of Sht!’s giant, neon skull prints. As soon as Rocky Horror started spinning, all the club kids started dancing, most of them looking barely legal. By 10 p.m. the floor was shaking, and you could hardly see through the haze of neon and the lingering smell of cigarette smoke. Badjon (a.k.a. City Paper photographer Jon Stout) says nearly all of the pieces sold by the end of the night, raising over $2,000. “We bought $1,700 in toys at Walmart yesterday. Seven shopping carts full!” he says. “Then we dropped them off at the donation center. The older ladies there were astounded by all the toys we brought in. We then took the rest of the money and bought canned goods and non-perishable food for the Lowcountry Food Bank.” I myself walked away with two original Wolfkid prints, which cost me all of $2. I only wish I’d had more cash on me. Bottom photo courtesy of Jonah Jeter.