I sort of thought I was going to see Drake dance around in a turtleneck when I showed up at 1505 King St. last week. But I was wrong. Instead, in a massive warehouse just slightly past King Street Cabaret strip club I arrived at Igniting Sound + Light, a 5-day popup art installation. The exhibit, presented by Enough Pie and BoomTown in what will be their new space in 2017, was very eerie. Not too sure if the installation was Halloween-themed, but it certainly gave off a creepy vibe.


The artist made use of the space to feature lighted boxes that were placed all over. Lit from the inside, they made me think of the box (but on a much larger scale) from Hellraiser. One guest remarked that they felt as if they were on a sort of dystopian river cruise in Narnia. That was an accurate assessment. There was plenty of food and drink, especially from Enough Pie who provided, quite literally, enough pies. Like all of the pies you could ever imagine on the windowsill of your dreams of your grandmother’s house.

On Wednesday, I headed up to Duvall Catering just beyond the peninsula to attend the Groove & Gold Halloween party. The 1970s-themed bash was put on by none other than the Charleston Cocktail Bandits, Johnny Caldwell and Taneka Reaves. These women are everywhere. If you are at an event, they are there before you. After you say hello, you look online, and they have lapped you by popping up at three other events. Even I don’t know how they have the stamina, but they certainly know a thing or two about cocktails. This was the Bandits first time hosting the event. Assorted artisan cheeses and vegetables were presented in Duvall’s event space. There were three drink stations, each featuring a specialty cocktail. Virgil Kaine was on hand for a lemony-gingery-whiskey treat. Beyond that, Cathead Vodka kicked things up with a honeysuckle inspiration. My favorite, though, was the Golden Dragon — Herradura Reposado, pineapple, Serrano pepper, lime, and a spritzing of cilantro. I had two. The soundtrack was provided by a favorite, DJ R Dot (Robie Howell) who is all over the place just like our Bandits. The mix of grooves was awesome and channeled everyone back to a dance party of yesteryear.


While trying all day on Thursday to get an Uber to deliver me a bag full of kittens — inevitably fruitless — I decided it was time to figure out a Halloween costume. Last year I decided to don a plush giraffe onesie. It was the most comfortable thing in the history of ever. So I went with that theme again and purchased a reindeer onesie from the same manufacturer. From what I can remember, it was a happy Halloween indeed.