[image-2] Some like it hot, but Charleston let out a collective sigh of relief when the rain came on Tuesday and cooled things off following our recent heat wave. Just one problem though — it’s Spoleto season! Parties galore are taking place in and out of doors, including Spoleto Scene’s happy hour at Basic Kitchen. Surely, the weather would hurt Scene’s turnout. Wrong-o.

[image-1] Despite the drizzle, the party didn’t fizzle. It thrived. The entryway was so packed that it’s a miracle the cocktail waitress carrying smashed english pea and whipped ricotta crostinis was able to gracefully weave between enthusiastic socialites. The cluster was justified. The rain kept everyone away from the patio, where the party was intended to congregate, and huddled up to the bar. No one seemed to mind. Happy Scenesters socialized, sipped, and snacked on fried cauliflower “wings” skewered and served with pickled celery and cashew ranch.
[content-1] Basic’s drink menu, handwritten and hanging on the wall, warmly welcomed Scene and offered a summer-y custom selection of cocktails and wine. The highlight cocktail was, of course, Basic’s #SpoletoSips cocktail, Garden of Good. The drink, inspired by the Spoleto presentation of Roots, is composed of a spin on a traditional Verdita, lemon, agave, and garnished with a rim of spicy salt.  [image-3] It seems that Scene’s mission is succeeding. Not only are the parties worth wetting your wedges to attend, but Scenesters are showing up for Spoleto performances too. It can be intimidating to fly solo to a show. Throw in few new friends from happy hour, and suddenly that performance seems much more approachable. Mission accomplished.
[image-4] The organizers have put a lot of thought into crafting this “Scene-ario.” With its ’90s-era, grunge rock setting, What Girls Are Made Of is a perfect pair with a Scene soiree. The wizards behind the curtain are millennials too, and they know how to curate to this crowd. Having a pre-What Girls Are Made Of happy hour at Basic Kitchen was a good move too. Basic has a wellness-oriented, good-vibes ambiance that coordinates with the millennial mindset.
[content-3] Here’s hoping the rain holds off as we wrap up the season this week, and if not, let this Scene event inspire you to bust out those rubber boots and show up anyway!