“We will ideally be knocking patrons unconscious and stacking their out-cold bodies up like cord wood … and then spray-painting them bright-orange,” claims Ted Drozdowski, the notorious bandleader and slide guitarist of Nashville blues-rock act Scissormen, speaking of his upcoming show at the Sullivan’s Island Home Team BBQ. “We’ll be playing tons of classic and original blues, but the rule is, even when we hit a classic like Robert Johnson’s ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin’,’ or Son House’s ‘John the Revelator,’ we do an entirely different arrangement. No by-numbers blues covers — there’s too much of that in blues. We will also be playing a bunch of brand-new material from our album Luck in a Hurry.”

The Scissormen work from an impressive set list of traditional blues, roots music, decidedly garage acid-rock, and Beefheartian weirdness. They aren’t afraid to mess around, either. A monster lead player and colorful showman, Drozdowski uses a wireless and regularly “works with the audience” during the shows.

“It ups the ante some — especially since I personally challenge anybody to offer me anything to play slide with … except meat and soft vegetables,” he says. “Over the years, I’ve played with shoes, cigarettes, a 9-mm pistol, a blow torch — lit, of course — a machete, and just about any damn thing somebody can fork over, including a fork.

“I will probably walk on the bar, if I can fit,” he adds. “I play with a rib bone, play outside, maybe pull the Earl Hooker move. Usually, I like to take the volume down by going into the audience unamplified to play some Delta blues.”

Home Team will host the band’s original line-up with Rob Hulsman on drums.

“It’s likely most folks in Charleston haven’t seen or heard a band like Scissormen,” the frontman adds.