Julio Cotto is back in the Charleston arts scene, to the delight of modern collectors and aficionados. Scoop Studios threw a ’70s-themed opening party in the artist’s honor Friday, dubbed “Welcome Back Cotto.”

Although surrounded by traditional galleries on Broad Street, Scoop has been a breath of fresh air since it opened, featuring contemporary exhibits by new and bold creators like Cotto. Co-owner Colleen Deihl said she and fellow owner Angel Powell (pictured with Cotto) wanted to keep the gallery unique, a diversion from the standard landscapes that plague Charleston’s visual arts.

“We made a deal there would be no paintings with egrets,” Deihl joked.

And, for this opening at least, the standard wine and cheese wouldn’t do either. True to their mission, Deihl and Powell skipped over the stuffy appetizers and treated guests to PBR out of the can and all the pizza they could eat.

The retro theme and down-to-Earth refreshments seemed to suit Cotto, who mingled with guests and friends who came out to welcome him back to the Lowcountry. Most of the work on display is from years past, with a few new additions created during his hiatus in Greenville. Many pieces are familiar favorites, due to their appearances at Torch Lounge and Kulture Klash. Before guests began to depart, Powell was happy to note that the painter is working on new pieces that are set for display in the gallery in January.