Just a few weeks after Eye Level Art announced its plans to close, Charleston’s contemporary art scene received another big blow: SCOOP Studios is closing its doors Dec. 17.

“The gallery has been able to sustain itself the past couple of years, but as art sales have declined, it has become increasingly difficult to reach our modest goals to maintain a permanent space,” co-owner Colleen Deihl wrote in a recent release.

SCOOP has consistently presented unique, impressive, and challenging exhibits since taking up residence in a small Broad Street space in 2009. They’ve featured contemporary artists from across the country like Ryan Cronin, John Stango, and William Goodman along with local artists Karen Ann Myers, Kenton James, Dorothy Netherland, and Christopher Murphy.

The gallery will host a final reception on Fri. Dec. 16 at 5 p.m. featuring works from Bill Mead, Arthur Newman, Julio Cotto, Scott Debus, Joel Parker, Cyle Suesz, and others. Many artists will move on to other galleries around town, while scoopcontemporary.com will remain a virtual gallery for the artists who don’t find new representation. Deihl says that future off-premise events in nontraditional spaces are also a good possibility, since SCOOP started out as a “One Night Stand” to begin with.

Here’s hoping that even without a permanent space, Deihl and co-owner Saramel Evans will continue to help drive the local contemporary art community.