Scratch Taco Boutique may have imploded due to its poorly constructed tacos, but that hasn’t dampened owner Zach Bedell’s enthusiasm about the space. And he means to show naysayers why next Friday when he reopens 713 Coleman Blvd. as Black Sheep Bar & Grill.

The concept is a huge departure from his and former partner Mat Jones Mexican concept. Black Sheep will be a sports bar in every sense of the word. Bedell has installed 13 TVs, a huge projector, and purchased an NFL Sunday Ticket. Plus, there’s a music focus.

As a musician himself, Bedell decided to go with what he knows and build a stage for a rotating line-up of artists. The first weekend alone will include funk/soul outfit the Paul Quattlebaum Band on Friday, Big John Belly on Saturday, and solo musician Jacob Poole. Bedell also plans to bring in professional comedians. 

“We’re going to bring in comedy bi-weekly,” he says. “They all have national credits, like Last Comic Standing. I’m working with an agent to bring those acts.” Tickets will be sold in advance of shows to guarantee seating. “It’s going to be a great date night place,” Bedell adds. “I love places where I can go and see quality entertainment and a high level of musicianship. Entertainment is our focus with some attitude.” 

In keeping with the casual atmosphere, Bedell says the menu will be a “Southern twist on bar and grill food with burgers, wings, sandwiches, and paninis.” Concerning beer, on Saturday Holy City Brewing will make the first appearance on site for a Movember contest. 

But will Black Sheep be able to escape the Scratch stigma?

Bedell says he’s learned some lessons from the flop. “I opened [Scratch] with a business partner and chef last time and he ended up parting ways three months into it. This time I took the entire design and reins so to speak. My passion is put into this place,” he says. “I don’t feel like I’m a pretentious guy and I wanted to lose all sense of that and put in things people like.”

That means things he thinks Coleman Boulevard is missing like dancing. “We’ll have a DJ on Friday nights, bands, and entertainment,” Bedell says. There are no fancy tortilla infusions here, just a place to watch the game or listen to a band with friends. Sounds like it’ll suit the land of the pleasant just fine.