So, yesterday was National Rum Day, which might explain why this showed up on my desk on Monday:

Being a tad slow on the draw, I didn’t realize it was National Rum Day until it was far too late to mix myself a spiced rum drink. I guess that means we’ll have to make one tonight.

The Sea Island Rum was sent over by the guys at Firefly Distillery on Wadmalaw (home of the famed Firefly Vodka). They’re making a variety of barrel-aged rums — Gold, Spice, Java — using sugar cane from farmer Sidi Limehouse.

It’s exciting to see a locally made barrel-aged rum, particularly since our food writer Robert Moss wholeheartedly believes rum should be Charleston’s spirit of choice, not bourbon.

It’s not too late to celebrate. Go out and buy yourself a bottle of Sea Island Rum Spice Rum and make yourself a Ginger Heat (recipe courtesy of Firefly)

Ginger Heat
2 oz spiced rum
1 oz Falernum
Splash lime juice
Serve on the rocks
Top with Blenheim Spiced Ginger Ale

While you sip on your spicy cocktail, I’m going to send this bottle over to Robert and see what he thinks. Expect a report back soon.