Charleston continues to be reality TV show network Bravo’s current darling. Case in point: Sean Brock’s return to the judges’ table on the finale of Bravo’s Top Chef last night. But to say his appearance was memorable would be an exaggeration.

For the episode filmed in Mexico, Brock started off by giving hopeful Mei Lin praise saying, “There’s a lot of big flavors in here, like my mouth is salivating right now.” The dish that had him almost drooling was octopus with fish sauce vinaigrette, avocado-coconut puree, and herbs. But then we didn’t hear from him until Lin’s last dessert where he said he thought her competitor Gregory Gourdet had a challenge ahead of him.

From there, Brock stayed mum — but there were plenty of shots showing him leaning back and musing about what he might say next. Then we heard his voice during Gourdet’s second dish, a soup of shrimp broth with green chorizo, pickled nopales, and crispy shrimp heads saying he felt like he was, “sitting here eating a bowl of gumbo, like I feel like I’m in Louisiana — it’s got the shellfish, it’s got a little bit of spice, it’s got sausage, it’s got the cactus playing the role of the slimy okra.” And that’s all he said. 

We don’t want to give too much away about who took home the title last night, but at least Brock got a trip to Mexico out of the deal.