I guess this qualifies as old news, but it just came to my attention, thanks to a friend who peruses some of the dark corners of the Internet. One of the darkest corners is a little online trinket called The Sentinel. It is the newsletter of Secession Camp # 4, a local bunch of neo-Confederate wingnuts who cannot get over what happened a century and a half ago. In their October 2006 issue, they decided it was time to settle the score with yours truly.

So here it is: my trip to the Secession Camp # 4 wood shed. I have been dubbed a “heritage violator.” I hang my head. I hang my head.

Read the whole newsletter at Oct06 Pages.pub. It’s a hoot!

This months Heritage violator is long over due to be called out for his anti-Confederate hate speech. He and the fish wrapper he writes for take every opportunity they get to attack anything dealing with our Confederate Heritage. He is Will Moredock who writes for the City Paper. To call that rag a newspaper would be a stretch. They have no interest in fairness or the other side of the story and continually twist facts in an effort to make anyone who supports our Southern Heritage look bad. His most recent misrepresentation came when he simply copied the misinformation that another fish wrapper, The State newspaper, published and supplied to AP, regarding the Hunley project and Senator Glen McConnell. Moredock, rather than checking out the story simply lifted all the distorted information he could read and threw in a few of his own uninformed comments. He even had the nerve to accuse The Post and Courier of covering up the story because they correctly did their own research, rather than copy The State’s distorted story. The Post and Courier produced a for more accurate picture of the Hunley project which showed many of The State’s figures to be distorted. That however didn’t deter Moredock from attacking the Hunley project, Senator McConnell and even The Post and Courier. After all if he had any interest in the truth he wouldn’t be writing for the City Paper. It seems crystal clear that the label Confederaphobic is far more appropriate for Mr. Moredock than journalist. There is one truth we have learned from Mr. Moredock though and that’s what to wrap fish with.