Slow moving, brain-eating zombies may be dangerous, but what about the humans?

Author and City Paper contributor Leah Rhyne deals with the many troubles of the zombie apocalypse in her Undead America book trilogy. The first book, Zombie Days, Campfire Nights, was published in October 2012 as an e-book and is being released in paperback on Oct. 11. The second installment, No Angels, will be available as an e-book later this month. The stories chronicle three survivors who must navigate their way through rabid zombie gangs, webs of lies, and an undead New Orleans before they can be “safe.”

“I’m more focused on what people will do and what they will become once the constraints of ‘normal’ society are completely blown and every day becomes a fight for survival,” Rhyne says. “Look at your neighbors sometime. In a zombie apocalypse would they take you in if you needed a place to go? Would they share their food? Would they fight beside you? Those are the questions I think about, and those are the questions that continually show their faces in Undead America.”

As with most zombie fiction, there’s plenty of violence (expect some zombies winning), and love scenes when passions flare. The sequel focuses on the everyday strain of the post-undead life and the pressure of having to constantly be in defense mode.

Rhyne is hosting her first book signing on Oct. 26 at, appropriately enough, the rUNdead Charleston 5k.

You can buy printed copies of Zombie Days, Campfire Nights now on Amazon and at Museitup Publishing.