Out humorist David Sedaris will be reading at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on Tuesday night.

We had a write-up last week on his new book, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk.

I also wanted to note my interview with the author back in 2007 before his last Charleston stop. As you can tell, he was already a fan of the Holy City.

His digs in Charleston get high praise, as does the city itself. He’s got fond memories of his past visits, even recalling an unusual landmark — the Kickin’ Chicken.

“It’s really something I look forward to,” he says (of visiting the city, not necessarily the Chicken). “I like how Charleston looks different from other places. Most cities in America look alike now. If someone sat you down in Charleston, I think you could say, ‘Wait a minute, I’m in Charleston.’ If someone sat you down in most places, you wouldn’t know.”

My partner and I went to the reading and stayed after to have him sign a copy of his book, Me Talk Pretty One Day. He looked at me and my partner and playfully said, “Greg, I didn’t realize during our phone conversation that you were homosexual.”

He wrote: “To Greg and Shane, 2 cheerful homosexuals in South Carolina.”