We ran into an unpublicized book signing by David Sedaris at Blue Bicycle Books yesterday. Apparently, the author stopped by to sign some copies for the shelves. His brief appearance was very low-key and completely under the radar, as the author’s publicized signings have been known to last 10 and a half hours. With a performance in three hours, Sedaris rushed through the autographs, his hand as quick as his wit. For a guy who shares his life through books, he was rather reserved, initially declining pictures. "But there’s a cat in here! Why not pictures of the cat instead?" he insisted.

Sedaris shared a few amusing anecdotes as he ran through the stacks. One story was about re-attaching a bride’s broken-off toenail the day of a wedding and the satisfaction of being the only one at the wedding who knew, another about the awkwardness that stemmed from a box of bookmarks his brother Paul gave him to pass out on tour to promote his business, showing the brother completely nude with the exception of "Sedaris Hardwood Floors" placed over his genitals. "I got rid of those quickly," Sedaris said.

After the stacks were signed, Sedaris signed books for the few lucky individuals in the store. One novel signed for a patron’s sibling read "Your sister and I do things together sometimes." Wanting to keep things low-key, Sedaris thanked Blue Bicycle for their time and headed out quickly.