[image-2] From April 5 to April 27, Robert Lange Studios (2 Queen St.) will be exhibiting the work of Robert Lange and George Ayers, playfully titled, Shiny Stuff.

The opening reception for the exhibition will be on Fri. April 5 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the gallery, with both artists on hand to answer questions. And yes, this is one of those ‘First Fridays’ so be sure to hit up other local galleries too — there are a lot of new shows opening downtown.

Lange and Ayers are both oil painters, known for their attention to detail. Their previous shows have been tied together through a narrative within the paintings, but Shiny Stuff throws it out the window, sharing a common theme that’s pretty simple — all things shiny, allowing the artists to paint everything and anything.

[image-3] Lange, though, likes to add a bit of surrealism to his reflective paintings, adding tigers or pandas in metal bowls.

“I always aim for levity in my work and I believe shiny objects are instantly a bit playful,” said Lange in a press release about the show. “When I was planning this show I wanted to explore the gamut of reflective services, so I started collecting reflective containers and small objects. Now, I must admit the collection is rather quirky and extensive.”

Ayer took a different path on his quest for shiny. He painted large-scale depictions of food art, and in preparation for the show, he took trips to the grocery store, finding reflective food items such as candied apple or a slimy squid.
“Although I don’t consider myself a ‘food artist,’ I do tend to paint a lot of food related pieces,” said Ayers. “It was fun working that food theme into the shiny concept rather than painting only more traditional metal surfaces.”

“Most of Robert and my shows have a shiny object or two, but this body of work will be more like a Christmas parade or Times Square, shiny things everywhere!”

The exhibit is an example of both artist’s ambition to break past the ordinary and expected.

As Lange puts it, “Spreading joy and wonder is kind of my goal in life and this show has created a perfect opportunity for me to do that.”