Today, state Sen. Larry Grooms introduced a bill merging CofC and MUSC. The bill is more or less the spitting image of the one introduced by his House comrades, Leon Stavrinakis and Jim Merrill. One is a man who is running for mayor of Charleston and the other is a lobbyist who runs whichever way the real estate community tells him to. But there is one major difference: the schools names have been changed

Now, Grooms, Stavrinakis, and Merrill will have you believe that the main reason anyone opposes this bill is because nobody likes the idea of calling CofC, the Charleston University George Street Campus, and, well, that’s bullshit. There’s plenty of reasons why nobody likes their two bills. You can read about them herehereherehere, and here.

But this Axis of Sleazeville doesn’t care about all of that. In a joint op-ed to the P&C yesterday, Stavrinakis and Merrill admitted that after they failed to convince both schools that a merger was a good idea, the pair decided to introduce legislation that would force the two colleges to merge. Clearly, Stavrinakis and Merrill don’t understand that no means no.

And neither does Grooms. In fact, the Berkeley County senator wants the faculty, staff, and students of the two schools to just the shut the fuck up and cooperate. After all, this is what the “business community” wants and the “business community” gets whatever it wants. In a report today by the P&C’s Jeremy Borden, Grooms says, “We need to hear from the two schools over how to make this work instead of why it shouldn’t occur.”

Wow. I mean, just wow.

If it wasn’t clear before, it sure as shit is now that these guys in the General Assembly are going to vote to merge these schools even if it’s the worst fucking idea since last week’s equally shatty guns-in-bars bill. They aren’t taking no for an answer … and that’s never a good thing.