Billy Shuman, the Republican nominee to fill Robert Ford’s shoes in state Senate District 42, missed a filing deadline Monday with the Senate Ethics Committee. The state requires all candidates to file a pre-election report no later than 15 days before any election, and since Shuman will face Democrat Marlon Kimpson and Libertarian Alex Thornton in a special election Oct. 1, the deadline was Sept. 16.

Lyn Odom, legal counsel for the Senate Ethics Committee, says he left a voicemail for Shuman after he missed the Monday deadline and then sent Shuman a certified letter about the matter on Wednesday. “I was kind of surprised this morning that he hadn’t filed one,” Odom says. If Shuman does not file his report by Saturday night, he will begin accruing fines.

Shuman was not available to comment on the missed deadline, but a campaign volunteer said this morning that someone from the campaign was “working on [the report] right now.”

The other two candidates in the race met the deadline. Kimpson filed on Sept. 16 and reported $177,752.97 in contributions this election cycle. Thornton filed on Sept. 12 and reported receiving $1,945. As of Shuman’s most recent report, which was filed July 3, he had received $5,330 in contributions.