How do you sideline an honest, bipartisan effort to improve schools across the state? Throw private school vouchers back in to the fray.

Saying the public school choice plan approved by the House will not meet all children’s needs, a group of senators said Thursday they will try to add private school vouchers to the proposal during floor debate next week in their chamber.

The proposal by State Superintendent Jim Rex (that lone Democrat) would eventually allow students across South Carolina to pick whatever public school they want. But opponents say that every public school in South Carolina isn’t enough choice. What if schools fill up or districts reach their maximum number of transfers they’re mandated to take. I would say that anybody, including voucher supporters, would agree that this is a solution looking for a problem. It’d be a shame to see it sabotage the whole thing. My guess is that these senators supporting this plan will back down or face real repercussions come November.