South Carolina now has 4th highest rate of COVID-19

South Carolina has the fourth highest rate of COVID-19, with 88 cases per 100,000 people, according to Sept. 13 data from The New York Times, a drop from the state’s No. 1 ranking last week.

Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia now have higher rates of COVID-19 infection, according to media reports.

Despite the drop, South Carolina hospitals are still filled with unvaccinated COVID-19 patients, more than at any other point, according to data from DHEC.

At least 2,591 people were reported to be hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Sept. 9, the last day of reporting by DHEC. The next highest day for hospitalizations was Jan. 13, when 2,466 people were reported to be in the hospital.

Latest COVID-19 data

South Carolina health officials reported 5,564 total cases of COVID-19 Sept. 13, with 3,935 confirmed. A total of 38 new deaths, with 35 confirmed, were reported Monday.

With 53,095 tests reported, 15.3% were confirmed positive.

Over the weekend, DHEC confirmed 14,763 total new cases, with 4,183 confirmed Saturday3,935 confirmed Sunday and 3,474 confirmed Monday. A total of 158 new deaths were confirmed over the weekend, with 35 deaths confirmed Saturday35 deaths confirmed Sunday and 45 deaths confirmed Monday.

Percentage of S.C. residents with at least 1 vaccine: 58.5%
Percentage of S.C. residents who have completed vaccination: 49.6%