Your fixie tandem bike is all cleaned up, a copy of Lucky Peach sits in the distressed leather saddlebag, and now all you need to do is throw some lunch in the wooden wine crate up front and you’ll be ready for a picnic. Here’s where to go to get the goods.

Burbage’s Grocery

Sure Burbage’s is a mini-market, but they also have prepared foods to go. Lunch specials include items like a Nathan’s all-beef hotdog with Cape Cod chips, sodas, and barbecue sandwiches.

Caviar & Bananas

Summertime outdoor eating requires climate-controlled snacks, and Caviar & Bananas has plenty of those. Pack a prepared dish like their cheese or pâtés or go with something more shelf-stable such as a bottle of boutique wine, Tate’s chocolate chip cookies, and wasabi peas.


We call it, and that’s because this tiny Church Street cheese shop impresses us every time. Up your White Point Garden hammock chilling game by stopping by to get an EVO baguette, some charcuterie, marcona almonds, olives, and whatever cheese you fancy.

Mixson Market

This North Charleston bodega has what some folks call the best chicken salad in the city. No joke, it’s legit. Belly up to the bar and grab one of those sammies to go. And while you’re at it, add a King of Pops popsicle for the drive.


There’s a reason there’s always a line out the door at this Mt. P deli. That’s because it’s damn good. A fusion sandwich — turkey, cranberry, and brie — will set you right for a midday snack on the Pitt Street Bridge. Just don’t forget to grab a chocolate pudding for dessert.

Southern General

If you’re Kiawah bound, you’d best stop and salute the General. This sandwich outpost on Maybank Highway is your picnic salvation. Grab a chicken schnitzel sandwich to share and eat it under the Angel Oak before you hit the beach.

Ted’s Butcherblock

For picnic perfection try Ted’s chicken, pancetta, and avocado sandwich with a side of mac and cheese to go. Feeling really hungry? Throw in an antipasto salad for good measure.