Friday night in Charleston was chock-full of events, which might explain the slightly smaller-than-usual crowd at the SEWE Fall Party. It was also the warmest installment the event has seen in recent years, making it feel more like a mid-summer party than one in late September. Guests sweated it out in summer clothes, the boots, sweaters, and jackets of fall still weeks (at most, we hope) away.

Eating steaming oysters when it’s 80 out might not be such an attractive proposition for some, but that didn’t keep party-goers from gathering around the tables in the back of the Bus Shed, getting their early-season oyster fix. Others noshed on barbecue (thankfully not served out of a pig’s carcass this year) and hotdogs while staying lubricated from the extensive open bar.

Triple Lindy provided slightly more laid-back jams than bands in recent years, resulting in a largely empty dance floor throughout the night — that is except for a few patrons who were really enjoying said open bar.